Montessori Preparatory Academy Donation – 2020 Tax Year


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AZ State Tax Credit Donation 2020 Tax Year


49a5f0c87944654df1242f5a099fbbeaEstablished in 2013, Montessori Preparatory Academy (MPA), located in Bullhead City, Arizona, is a not for profit 501 C(3) school, with a volunteer parent-run Board of Directors, that offers private education for early childhood up to adolescence in a Montessori prepared environment. Our Primary program (ages 3-5) is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health. MPA is a member of the International Montessori Council (IMC).

The Academy’s mission is to offer education that fosters respect, collaborative learning and academic excellence while respecting the mind, imagination and spirit of each student.

Based upon the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, the Academy aims to promote success and valuable life skills needed to operate within a culturally diverse and complex world by promoting:
•    Academic Excellence
•    A Life Long love of Learning
•    Environmental Awareness & Responsibility
•    Mutual Respect
•    and Individual Accountability

Montessori Preparatory Academy

2020 Silver Creek Rd, D 101

Bullhead City, AZ, United States 86442


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Tax Credit Donation 2020

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