Montessori Center School Donation – 2020 Tax Year


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AZ State Tax Credit Donation 2020 Tax Year


Montessori Center School. We are a preschool for ages 3–6.

We understand young children, their natural curiosity for knowledge, and their sensitive learning periods. The Montessori classroom is a prepared environment that engages children during these sensitive stages with appropriate learning materials and a professional teaching staff.

Montessori teachers are specially qualified persons having intensive training in observation of children and the use of Montessori learning materials. Through their skilled observation of the child’s sensitive stages, they guide children and anticipate their needs. The teaching staff at Montessori Center School are college graduates with additional certification at the graduate level.

Nothing substitutes for a personal visit. Please call Rosanne Galluzzo, Assistant Director, at (602) 678-4470 to schedule a tour of our school, and bring your child along!

Visit us online at
Our campus is located in North Central Phoenix, at 8625 N. 19th Avenue, a few blocks south of Dunlap.

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Tax Credit Donation 2020

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