Parent’s choice is available because of the Arizona Tax Credit program that allows you to specifically direct your Arizona Tax dollars to a school tuition organization and support education in Arizona. Unlike a tax deduction, this is a dollar for dollar reduction off your state income tax liability.

2021 TAX YEAR:

Married, filing joint maximum is $2,435.00 ($1,221.00 standard and $1,214.00 PLUS)
Single or married, filing separate maximum is $1,219.00 ($611.00 standard and $608.00 PLUS)

We invite you to contribute your state tax liability through our website with confidence.

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When you complete your donation you will be asked three questions which you must either answer or put “None” if not applicable.

  1.  Where was your Original Standard STO donation made (If you choose to make a PLUS donation only)
  2. School Name to receive donation or “No preference”
  3. Referring family or “None”